Carpet Boot 7.5/8 CB3832

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Introducing our Carpet Boots! These boots are an EU38 and fit best for a Women’s US 7.5/8. These shoes are made from vintage tapestry blankets sourced from a friend in the Ukraine. The textiles were sent to a 100 year old family owned and operated shoe factory in Spain that we have been working closely with for the past few years. These boots have an inside zipper, rubber sole, leather hand stitched interior and 2.5” heel. I never wear heels and these boots were surprisingly comfortable, I definitely did not feel like I was in a 2.5” heel.  

We firmly believe in recycling and repurposing materials to create to new clothing and accessories whenever possible. The clothing industry creates 10% of the world’s carbon emissions, by reusing and repurposing we are keeping carbon footprint as close to nonexistent as possible. 

It’s about doing more with less.

Fashion Reimagined

At Farewell Frances we are taking a different approach to fashion. This industry is the second largest source of pollution in the world. We are taking slow fashion to the next level, by taking the time to mend and repair existing beautiful vintage and antique textiles. Giving these textiles a second life cuts carbon emissions and water pollution significantly.

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