• Mussel Shell Purse
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My Philosophy


For centuries cultures all around the world have produced quilts from whatever scraps have been available. Piecing together small scraps, something beautiful and useful could be made from otherwise trash. 

Today, when something breaks we are so quick to dispose of it instead of mend it. It is easy to buy mass produced goods online. Sometimes we forget what a toll fast fashion has on society and the ecosystem. Why not reuse and repurpose high-quality materials in small batches? Why not have a one-of-a-kind item, instead of the exact same, machine made thing that everyone else has. 

My philosophy is that we should make due with what we have. I am inspired by these quilts that I find. They were given life by their original creators and now I can help give them another life.  

Thank you for visiting my site and for helping to give new life to a once forgotten treasure.

What you wear tells a story. What is your story?

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