Quilts and Care

Every Farewell Frances article of clothing is made from recycled and often vintage quilts. There is a rich history of quilting dating back for centuries. Many of the quilts we use are decades if not one-hundred years old. They were made with love, often by hand and hold countless stories within their threads. 

A Farewell Frances Coat has been sewn right here in the United States by independent Seamstresses and Seamsters. Just as much love goes into the second life of this quilt as went into the first. 

What to expect

Little Threads

Little threads are left over in the sewing process. We do our best to snip all the little threads, but sometimes these babies get away from us. Please go ahead and trim any little threads you see on your coat. It won't affect the stability of the piece. 



All the quilts are washed before we give them a second life, but after decades of love some stains are now just a part of the beauty of the piece.



The years wear us all down a bit. Some patches of the quilt may have worn out before others, but why throw the whole quilt away just because some patches are a little tired? We reinforce all worn out patches so you don't need to worry about them affecting the stability of the coat. Just be gentle with these areas when hand washing your coat. We will always highlight worn areas or major imperfections in the listing.  


How To Care For Your Quilted Apparel

All quilted items should be hand washed. Do not machine wash or dry. Soak in cool water with mild detergent. Rinse. Lay flat to dry.

Learn more about the history of quilts on Wikipedia