About Farewell Frances

Carly Scheck is passionate about creating sustainable fashion and timeless style. After starting her children’s swimwear line, Ollie + Squish, in Brooklyn, New York in 2017, she was inspired to create something for herself, which lead to the birth of Farewell Frances.

As a busy business owner and mother of three young children, Carly recognizes the need for balance and selfcare. She designs, sews, and curates products for Farewell Frances that provide that for her and thousands of others in her cottage-home just north of New York City.

From apparel made of treasured quilts to curated self-care items, to antiques rescued from barns and garages around the North East, Carly shares a piece of herself with the world through Farewell Frances.

Farewell Frances is the combination of Carly’s dreamy vintage aesthetic, easy-going nature and desire to give new life to once forgotten treasures. Her philosophy is that we should make do with what we have. She is inspired by the quilts she finds and feels they were given life by their original creators and now she can help give them a second life.