About Farewell Frances


Farewell Frances was started in 2020 by Carly Scheck. The brand’s focus is all about honoring the past while thinking about our future. Farewell Frances uses a lot of vintage textiles and plays with shapes and silhouettes inspired by the past. It is an eco-friendly brand that stands against fast fashion. Our goal is to push the boundaries of what fashion looks like and how it is created.

 We are a relatively small operation with one in house seamstress. We have partnerships with a small family run factory in Spain, a skilled Block Printer in India, and a non-profit called PeaceQuilts based out of Haiti who help provide women a safe and supportive environment as well as the means to earn a living wage.

Carly has been working with textiles for over twenty years. She sews, knits, weaves and naturally dyes fabric. She started Farewell Frances as a personal project when her two Grandmothers passed away both suddenly and within a month of each other. She spent a great deal of time learning and sharing with one of her Grandmothers, who also knit and sewed. The personal project grew quite a bit after a feature in US and China’s Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue Paris.

 Our designs are a true nod to another time. There is a real sense of Americana and Nostalgia to them that our customers really resonate with. Carly’s designs are often very inspired by her favorite childhood movies and novels; Little Women, Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, Hans Christian Anderson. Her designs often mix feminine with masculine; a suit made from a floral quilt top, or flowy top made from branded feed sacks.