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Our Redwork Tote Bag is here! This is a classic tote bag, made from 100% cotton fabric and fully lined with lightweight cotton. It has an interior pocket.

These bags are completely one of kind, made from a vintage redwork quilt top from the 1940s. There is light to medium staining on most so be sure to look at all photos before purchasing. We don’t see the aging and stains as a negative, it shows the story and history of these vintage and antique fabrics.

How to clean: 
Machine (or hand wash) on COLD, gentle cycle. Machine Dry on low heat or lay flat to dry. Make sure not to wash on warm or hot because the embroidery color may bleed.

A little history on Redwork: 
Redwork became popular between 1885 and 1925. Aside from aesthetics, red embroideries became popular during this time because it was the first colorfast threads that became widely available to the public. Colorfast Turkey red thread was the supreme choice. It cost three times the amount of other red thread but wouldn’t bleed or fade nearly as fast. The stem stitch is the classic stitch for redwork that gives the effect of the artwork being sketched or drawn. You often see the same designs as women would see advertised in magazines and newspapers and buy their patterns from the same catalogues and pattern providers. Redwork was used for anything from quilts to pillows and hand towels or other household linens.

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Measurements: 15” wide x 16” tall 
Strap drop is 12.5” at center

*Due to the one of kind nature of the bags, measurements can vary slightly.

It’s about doing more with less.

Fashion Reimagined

At Farewell Frances we are taking a different approach to fashion. This industry is the second largest source of pollution in the world. We are taking slow fashion to the next level, by taking the time to mend and repair existing beautiful vintage and antique textiles. Giving these textiles a second life cuts carbon emissions and water pollution significantly.

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