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Patch Kit

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Our Quilt Patch Kits are here! Each patch kit comes with one small quilt patch measuring, and one large quilt patch measuring . The patches come in a vintage quilt envelope. 

Join us in our fight on climate change and fast fashion. Buy less, choose well and mend! Instead of donating or throwing away worn through garments patch them up with beautiful quilt patches and keep on wearing.

If you are new to mending and hand sewing there are plenty of YouTube videos that can guide you along the way. We will even be posting our own “How To” videos to our YouTube. You can find our videos by searching “Farewell Frances” on YouTube.

It’s about doing more with less.

Fashion Reimagined

At Farewell Frances we are taking a different approach to fashion. This industry is the second largest source of pollution in the world. We are taking slow fashion to the next level, by taking the time to mend and repair existing beautiful vintage and antique textiles. Giving these textiles a second life cuts carbon emissions and water pollution significantly.

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